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Defining qualities consist of a slim, reddish-brown body with a long, narrow head.

The brownish trout is a medium-sized fish, expanding to 20 kg (44 lb) or even more and a length of about 100 centimeters (39 in) in some localities, although in lots of smaller sized rivers, a fully grown weight of 1.0 kg (2.2 pounds) or much less in common.

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The brownish trout is a European variety of salmonid fish that has actually been commonly presented right into suitable environments around the world. It consists of simply freshwater populations, described as the riverine ecotype.

The indigenous series of brownish trout prolongs from northern Norway as well as White Sea tributaries in Russia in the Arctic Sea to the Atlas Hills in North Africa. The western limit of their native array is Iceland in the North Atlantic, while the eastern limitation is in Aral Sea tributaries in Afghanistan and also Pakistan.

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